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Mi Abuelita: Who was your Tita?

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Tita was mi Abuelita.  She was a vivacious, loud, loving bull of a woman.  She lived with my family since before I was born, and until she died when I was 16 and she was 83.  We slept in side-by-side twin beds until my brother moved out when I started high school.  Late at night, we would talk about nothing and everything–she would teach me Spanish prayers and make the silliest jokes that made us both giggle.  When my fatherRead More ...

Video of the Week||Keep it Clean

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Tomorrow, Wednesday April 22nd we’ll celebrate Earth Day around the world. There are many ways we can get involved, but most importantly I think it’s a great opportunity to talk to our kids about the environment, the world we live in and our responsibility to it. Plant some seeds, go to an Earth Day festival, start a small compost bin or clean out electric waste in your house and take it together to a recycling center. There are many waysRead More ...

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