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Ask an Expert: How can I motivate my son to speak more Spanish?

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Today’s Ask an Expert question was sent in by Marlene, a native English speaker who is raising her two boys bilingually. “I have 2 sons: a 6 year old and a 3 year old. We read books in Spanish, watch v-Me, sing songs in Spanish and my husband and I communicate to them mostly in Spanish. However, my 6 year old refuses to speak it. He understands most of what we say to him but seems to have trouble recallingRead More ...

Resources for Bilingual Homeschoolers

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We hope you’ve enjoyed and learned a few things during our bilingual homeschooling week. As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, although there are tons of resources for those homeschooling their children, there are not a whole lot when it comes to doing it in two languages. Either way, we’ve put together a list of links that we hope will be of some use to you. Some of them are just great links of homeschooling in general, othersRead More ...

Celebrating Día, Libraries and Bilingual Homeschooling

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April 30th marks the celebration of Día del Niño/Día del Libro, an annual celebration of children, families and reading held at libraries nationwide.  Here at SpanglishBaby, we’re wrapping up a week-long exploration into the world of bilingual homeschooling and the families who are living it.  We’ve emphasized this week that one of the biggest hurdles for bilingual homeschoolers is the lack of resources and curriculums available to them.  A library with a decent collection of Spanish material can be aRead More ...

A Creative Activity for Bilingual Homeschoolers

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Editor’s note: As you know, we’ve been dealing with the subject of bilingual homeschooling all week. By now you’ve probably realized that although there are tons of info on homeschooling in general, unfortunately, the same is not true for bilingual homeschooling. The reality is that homeschooling parents who are raising bilingual children have to come up with their own bilingual curriculum by researching a lot and by getting very creative. The following post, by our regular contributor, Susan O. Stephan,Read More ...

Your Story: A Generation of Bilingual Homeschoolers

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When I was ten years old, after eating breakfast and saying good-bye to my older siblings who headed out for high school, it was time for Spanish dialogue class with my dad.  He had a book of dialogues he had used while learning Spanish to be a missionary in Mexico.  We memorized dialogues and I had to put dramatic expression and movements to them.  I still remember the dialogue about waiting in line for a buffet lunch, “Ay, que colaRead More ...

Entertaining Curriculum for Teaching Spanish to Kids {Giveaway}

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On the second day of our week-long exploration of bilingual homeschooling we bring you another amazing giveaway of products that are an excellent tool for parents on this alternative educational path.  Boca Beth herself and her award-winning program for teaching Spanish to kids requires little to no introduction to those avid SpanglishBaby readers.  Beth Butler is a relentless activist and promoter of bilingualism with years of experience as a bilingual educator.  Her award-winning language learning series, Boca Beth, includes aRead More ...

Ask an Expert: What is a good bilingual resource for homeschooling moms?

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One of the biggest challenges for bilingual homeschooling families is the lack of resources and support systems. Today’s Ask an Expert question was sent by Monica, a Latina mom, blogger and entrepreneur who has taken on the challenge to homeschool her kindergartner “I’m a Latina who started homeschooling my kindergartner this year. I would love, love, love to be able to incorporate more cultural lessons, but it has been a real struggle for me to find not only bilingual orRead More ...

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