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Books + Libros: How Tia Lola Learned to Teach {Giveaway}

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Today we’re doing something a bit different for our monthly ReadMe series. We’re so excited to be part of the talented Julia Alvarez‘ blog tour for her brand new book How Tia Lola Learned to Teach, the much-awaited, second installment in her The Tia Lola Stories. The books feature cuentos about familia and culture and center around two young siblings, who move from the Dominican Republic to Vermont, and their eccentric and magical aunt, Tía Lola who follows them laterRead More ...

Books + Libros: From North to South {Giveaway}

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Immigration is such a difficult subject to breach even among children. Imagine, then, having to talk about it with children. While I can’t lie and claim that my children—who are way too young to understand any of this anyway—are directly affected by our nation’s policy on immigration, as an immigrant myself, it would be a mistake not to start introducing some of the issues as they get a little bit older. Luckily, there’s an excellent bilingual writer who has madeRead More ...

Lorito Books: Hear a Book, Read a Book {Giveaway}

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Who doesn’t like been read to? My daughter, Vanessa, absolutely loves it when I—or anyone else in our family—sits down to read to her a book of her choice from her growing library. While I wished I had all the time in the world to do just that as often as she’d like to, life pulls me in way too many directions. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when I found Lorito Books. The premise is simple: you choose aRead More ...

ReadMe: When Times are Tough/En tiempos difíciles

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Most of us have been affected one way or another by the economic woes this country has been through in the last couple of  years. And, although children might be too young to understand all the implications and repercussions of a bad economy, they are not blind to the changes these bring about in their lives. Yet, at least for me, money is one of the toughest subjects to talk about with children. And,  if you have a preschooler, you probably know all too well how theyRead More ...

ReadMe: Cuando los grandes eran pequeños

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Have you ever wondered what famous writers were like when they were children? Award-winning author Georgina Lázaro did and decided to not only find out, but to write about it for all our children to know. Cuándo los grandes eran pequeños is a collection of books in Spanish, pubished by Lectorum, which narrate the childhood of influential writers from all over Latin America and Spain. The series includes Federico Garcia Lorca, José Martí, Pablo Neruda and Julia de Burgos, amongRead More ...

ReadMe: The Runaway Radish

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The summer is right upon us. I love this time of the year. Both my children where born en el verano, so we’ll be celebrating two birthdays in the coming months. But summer also means vacation, so it’s easy to forget about the importance of reading during this time. In an effort to give you plenty of recommendations for bilingual books you can read with your children, ReadMe, our literacy and author interview series, will be coming to you twiceRead More ...

It’s Not Impossible, But It Takes Effort

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My daughter, Vanessa, is always curious about what languages other people speak. I didn’t teach her that. Neither do I go around introducing people to her by announcing they speak English, Spanish or both. Yet, it’s pretty usual for her to want to know. Once she finds out, she likes to make all aware that she speaks tres: español, inglés y francés—which she doesn’t, but I love that she thinks that way. The little French I’ve exposed her to, hasRead More ...

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