Tortillas: Nutritious and Delicious

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Tortillas: Nutritious and Delicious

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The smell of freshly made tortillas immediately takes me back to my childhood – specifically the time I was between 6 and 8 years old.

As many of you know, I was born in Peru, but I had the fortune to live in several countries as I was growing up and one of them was Mexico. So, as a child, I would be given one peso so that I could run out and get some freshly pressed tortillas when the tortillero visited our neighborhood. He would announce himself by blowing his horn and my sister and I quickly became friends with him.

Not sure where I learned it, but I would put salt on the warm tortilla, roll it up and devour it! Mmmm! ¡Qué rico!

While we only lived in Mexico for two years, two of my mom’s sisters have made that beautiful country their home many years ago and so part of my family is now Mexican. Therefore, I’ve always had a strong connection to the country and its food. So even though I’m Peruvian, tortillas have always been a part of my diet.

Now that I’m a mom, I’ve passed on my love for tortillas to my children and they mostly like them when I make quesadillas for them. What I love the most about tortillas is that they are versatile and so nutritious.

Did you know that tortillas made with Maseca‘s 100% natural corn flour have no cholesterol, which means they’re good for your heart? How about the fact that they provide the same energy as a banana? My favorite is that they are high in fiber which helps us with digestion and keeping us regular, a huge issue in my house where everyone suffers from constipation.

What I did not know, and recently found out on Maseca’s website, is that tortillas can prevent allergies, which unfortunately both my kids suffer from.

So besides being delicious they are nutritious. What more can you ask for?

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Why do you love tortillas?

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