If there’s one staple food in my house it would have to be avocados from Mexico. Seriously, I kid you not that we eat at least one or two avocados every single day. In fact, it was one of my girl’s first foods and still one she will hardly ever refuse. Of course, it warms my heart because avocados are so rich in nutrients and at age 5 she’s such a picky eater that anything healthy and nutritious she’ll take will be served by me!

My girl isn’t the only one that will devour an avocado. It’s my go-to food when I need something quick and yummy — which is always! The other day I opened my fridge and found avocados, naan bread, arugula and gouda cheese staring at me, so I came up with this delicious treat. I instantly snapped a picture, put it up on my Instagram and got so many replies and Likes that I decided to share it here! The best Like was from mi marido who now requests it! Score!

Ingredients for an Avocado Naan

1 avocado from Mexico

1 naan bread (sold either frozen or fresh)

A handful of fresh arugula

Gouda cheese (or whichever cheese you prefer), sliced to top the naan

Sea salt to taste

Extra virgin olive oil to taste


Slightly toast or warm the naan bread so it’s still soft, yet warm. Slice the avocado and spread all over the naan. Add slices of gouda cheese to cover the naan and then top with the arugula. Drizzle olive oil and shake salt all over.

That’s it! Bite into it and enjoy the simplicity of this delicious and nutritious treat!

Share in the comments, what’s your favorite way to eat an avocado?

Disclosure: Avocados from Mexico supports SpanglishBaby by sponsoring us to attend the BlogHer 2012 conference. All opinions and recipes are our own.

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