Bilingual is Better

This has got to be one of the most genius tourism campaigns I’ve seen.  I’m posting this as a surprise for Roxana because I know she will most likely cry out of happiness and nostalgia when watching this.

Did you know there’s a town in Nebraska called Peru (without the accent)?  It’s a small town with less than 600 residents and almost no diversity amongst the folks.

That’s until Perú (the country) and its cultural ambassadors (Chefs Gastón Acurio and Javier Wong, surfer Sofía Mulanovich, writer Rafa León, folklore singer Dina Paucar and more) decide to pay a visit and make Peru, Nebraska more like Perú by giving them a taste of their food, language, music and rich culture. The result will just make you smile and want to embrace everything and anything Perú.

Have you been to Perú?  What do you remember/miss the most about it?

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