Bilingual is Better

I am going totally retro with the Video of the Week today! In the late 70´s, early 80´s I had my very first fan-moment with the famous duo from Spain–Enrique y Ana.  My mom actually took me to the hotel where they stayed when the gave a concert in El Salvador. I must have been 10 years old and I clearly remember standing in front of the lobby elevator waiting for my heroes to come out. When they finally did, the fanatical mob and I stormed towards them to get their autograph.  I scored big time.  I treasured their autographs for years, until Menudo appeared in the scene and my Enrique y Ana days seemed cosa de niños!

Now that I´ve shamelessly shared a blast from my past, here´s a clip from a scene of the Enrique y Ana movie where they perform one of their most famous songs–Súper Disco Chino.  Still cute enough to share with our niños, plus the disco chino move is pretty fantastic once you get a hang of it.

Now you tell me, what was your first fan moment?

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