Talk about Spanglish…I love the title of this collection from Bilingual Readers.

One of my favorite things from this bilingual publishing house, which was born only last year in Spain, is the way they package their products. Their books have been a hit at our home, in part, because of the cool way they are presented. The Two Little Libros collection is no different. The two, 16-page board books come in a sturdy slipcase which already makes them different and interesting for little, exploring hands.

Each rounded page shows a unique image of an animal—from either the sea or the jungle—and its corresponding name in English (on top) and in Spanish (on the bottom). I actually thought these would be too easy for my 3-year-old daughter, but she loves “reading” the names of the animals out loud in both English and Spanish—especially now that she’s la hermana mayor and likes to show off to her baby brother!

One interesting thing about the books is that some of the animal names it depicts, we don’t really use at home.


  • gamba for shrimp (we call them camarones)
  • medusa for jellyfish (we call them malaguas)

When Vanessa was younger, I usually just told her the word with which I was more familiar. But now, a couple of things have changed. One, I think she’s old enough to start understanding we can use different words to name the same things. We all know this is true for all kinds of words in Spanish, especially if we’re talking food. This is a topic we’ve dealt with in the past.

The second reason why I’m actually using the words on the books is that my daughter is fascinated with letters and she spells out words any chance she gets. Although she’s not reading yet, I do not want to confuse her by telling her a word says “camarón,” for example, when it really says “gamba.” In other words, eventually she will recognize that one starts with a “C” while the other one starts with a “G.”

Another really cool feature offered by Bilingual Readers, especially for those of you who might need help with pronunciation in either language, is their free and downloadable audio files.

We’re big fans of Bilingual Readers and we’ve enjoyed reviewing their other two products, Easy Alphabet! and Marina and the Little Green Boy. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be publishing this year!


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