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This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Debbie R.
Even before Vanessa was born, I was hooked on Usborne books. I think it was my mom who brought me our first copies from México and I immediately took to them.

The books are colorful and beautifully illustrated. And, even though they are not originally written in Spanish, the translations are well done. Another reason I like them is because they’re super sturdy and many of them are the perfect size for little hands. Vanessa has had no trouble holding them and turning the pages for a couple of years now.

One of the series we love is the “Este no es mi…” (That’s not my…) which include books with subjects ranging from animals to toys. Vanessa owns several including “Este no es mi gatito,” “Esta no es mi muñeca,” and “Este no es mi tren.”

These are super simple books which go something like this:

Éste no es mi gatito…

tiene las patas muy ásperas.

And, so on. Until they get to the last page which finally says:

“¡Éste sí es mi gatito!

Tiene la piel muy suave.”

My daughter has basically memorized all of these books and now she reads them to her stuffed animals and dolls. She’s learned a bunch of new nouns and adjectives to describe these, so I’m a happy mami!

The other awesome thing about this series in particular is that they are what Usborne calls “touchy-feely” books meaning that there’s some kind of  texture incorporated into each page. So, in the example above, the kitty’s paws are actually made out of some rough material so that tiny fingers can get an idea of what “áspero” feels like.

For some unknown reason, lately Vanessa has been totally into dinosaurs, so we’re always on the lookout for books about these prehistoric animals. One of her favorite ones, also by Usborne, is simply titled: “El dinosaurio” and it follows the story of a one of these long-extinct creatures from the moment he is born. Again, the illustrations are vivid and just plain pretty.

Usborne has all kinds of other books, DVDs and flashcards as well as a ton of activity books – many of which come with stickers – which we absolutely love! And, in case you’re interested, they also have books in French and German…

Ok, enough bragging! Now for the best news? We’re giving away a packet of FOUR books – three from Usborne and one from Kane/Miller, the other publishing company under Usborne. So go ahead and enter to win copies of the following: “Éste no es mi osito,” “El dinosaurio,” “La Cama Grande de Sofía” and “La Granja.” There’s something everyone in your family will love!

To enter to WIN:

All you have to do for your chance to win is head over to Aprende con Usborne and then come back here and tell us which of the Spanish titles you’d be interested in buying and why. Please be as specific as possible so we now you visited the site. While you’re there, take a moment to register for a chance to win $50 in free books. If you decide to order any of these great books, please do so through the SpanglishBaby eshow (you’ll find it on the top right hand corner of the Home page).

Also, here’s another tip: Make sure to check out Aprende con Usborne’s internet only specials and the “closeouts” where you’ll find some Spanish titles going for at least a 40% discount.

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This contest will close tonight at midnight PST…so don’t hesitate and enter now. These 4 books could be yours!!!

For the part that nobody likes, but we’ve gotta have, check out the Giveaway Rules.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for our last day of Bilingual Summer Fun giveaways!

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