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Objective: On a sunny day take some chalk outside and let your children trace each others and your shadow. When the outline is complete fill the shadow in with facial features and clothing. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about body parts and clothing description. If the child is old enough, encourage them to label the body parts in Spanish with their chalk.

Shadow Tracing – La Sombra

Practice suggestions:

La sombra- shadow
El cuerpo- body
la cara- face
las manos- hands
los pies- feet
el pelo- hair
la ropa- clothing

• After the body is traced, it is fun to play a version of Simon Dice and ask the child to point out certain parts.
• Give them chalk and have them decorate or put stars or hearts on certain parts by following your commands: Dibuja una estrella en la nariz… etc.
• If you have a variety of chalk colors, incorporate color practice in your conversation. Encourage child to color “la mano azul…. la boca rosada” etc.

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