Putumayo Kids Latin Dreamland is a musical journey through Latin America–from Mexico’s “Cucurrucucú Paloma” to Brazil’s “Noite de Lembrar.”

Latin Dreamland enables parents to infuse culturally tasteful music to children during nap time or right before bedtime. The disc is comprised of ten lullabies interpreted by a collage of Latin American artists.

It’s hard to choose a favorite from the rich arrangement of songs. Luis Salinas bolero, “Un Vals,” is the perfect Argentinian embodiment of childhood dreamland. Maruca’s, “Canción de Cuna” and Marta Gómez’s “Cielito Lindo” are interpreted in the maternal comfort any child would be willing to cuddle up to.

Perhaps my favorite song was “El Eco” by Los Incas. I’ve been listening to Andean music for a very long time, the mixture of wind and string instruments are a vessel to the magical landscapes that Perú is known for. There is also an element of storytelling in the non-lyrically enhanced genre unmatched by any other form of expression.

Putumayo World Music was built on the goal of introducing people to the music of the world’s cultures and their motto is “guaranteed to make you feel good!” Latin Dreamland is a precise embodiment of culturally rich music that makes you feel good. We are sure that the collection will become a favorite for nap time for both child and parent.

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