pretend tea party and cupcake craft

Who doesn’t like a little fiesta, pretend or not? Enter into the wonderful imaginary world that our children like to live in with this easy and fun pretend craft. Enjoy this with your child for a fun Mother’s Day Tea Party!  Even your little boys like to pretend to do grown up things like sipping café or tea.

To Make Pretend Cupcakes:


  • baby food jar
  • tissue paper
  • scrapbook paper with fun edges
  • chenille pom poms -mini and large sizes
  • glue

You will need to twist your tissue paper but not to tightly so you can get that fluffy icing look.

Twist and glue, twist and glue starting in the outer edge and then around towards the middle going upward.

You can choose either insert your “cupcake liner” paper that you made from scrapbook inside as show above or on the outside as show below.

For the Tea Party!

Mami will love this calorie free cupcake! For more mother’s day activities visit us here. You will need play doh and left over large plastic easter eggs.For the saucers you will just need to shape your playdoh into round shapes, and add little handles with the playdoh to the eggs.

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