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As much as we´d like to avoid technology and fill our kids’ days with pure and natural activities, the reality is they are growing up in a different era where well-balanced technological skills are a necessity.  Why not offer  your child some fun and educational computer play while learning some words and phrases in Spanish at the same time?  Win-win!

Go Go Lingo is a new on-line language game that uses animated games and a fun “playful immersion method” to teach children in the 3-7 age range some 200 words in Spanish.  I was very excited when I found out about it a couple of months ago and wished my daughter was more in the age range to play with it.  Well, I sat her down anyway while I played around with my Lingo (the fuzzy character that learns the language with you).  I found that the colorful animations work wonders at trapping a kid’s distracted attention, the large hand-shaped pointer makes it easier for them to control the mouse and the vivid audio captivates.

However, even if my daughter didn’t fall within the age range, she was still too advanced for the simple Spanish words since that is her primary language for now.  This story-driven game is designed for English native speakers wanting to learn or increase their vocabulary in Spanish. I would also recommend it for OPOL families or those using a Time & Place method as one more tool to engage them in Spanish activities they will enjoy.  Especially since the Go Go Lingo experience customizes itself to your child’s personal learning curve.  So, the more she plays, the more vocabulary is introduced and she will learn.

Go Go Lingo has also understood that parental involvement in a child’s language learning and their love for it is a must.  To this extent, they’ve created an excellent resource area for parents to get expert advice and commune with other parents via their forum. What I can see parents enjoying the most is the Parent’s Dashboard and weekly emails which track your child’s progress with charts and lists of words she’s been learning.  This is helpful for  you to continue the language learning experience at home. They even provide  you with tips and downloadable activities just for that.

This is a Find we suggest you check out for yourself because it’s the best way to know if it’s for you.  Luckily, you can do just that right now since they have a free sign-up trial for a limited time only.  Go here to sign up.  Let us know what you think!

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