StoryToys, the same app developer that brought us 3D versions of Puss in Boots and The Little Mermaid, now has a new electronic pop-up book. Beauty and the Beast 3D Interactive Pop-up Book is another adorable multilingual app that offers a great combination of story time and game time.

Since most kids are already familiar with the Beauty and the Beast tale, they will enjoy how this storybook is broken up with interactive pages to make it a little more exciting. You can help Belle open gifts, help the merchant escape from the wolf, or – my favorite – play ping-pong with the Beast. The favorite part of make-believe princesses everywhere will be breaking the spell at the end!

The story is also nicely simplified and can be entertaining for a range of ages, from toddlers through early readers.

I particularly love that parents can use the Parent Center to customize the app in various ways, including changing the reading mode and opting out of promotional screens.

Find Beauty and the Beast 3D Interactive Pop-up Book in iTunes

Available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Recommended ages 3 and up

Price: $4.99

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