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Bath time in our home has definitely taken shape since the early days of when we first came home from the hospital. I was the very nervous mami that bought and returned about six different tubs the first couple months of our baby’s life. In addition, my anxiety was so intense that the idea of speaking in Spanish to my bebita was beginning to dwindle away, which totally broke my heart. After receiving a little pep talk from my brother-in-law about how to bathe baby I gained a little confidence.

I will never forget the evening when I promised myself to really try and relax during bath time. I held Sabrina in my arms, close to my chest and whispered, “Okay Sabrina, lo vamos intentar de nuevo (Okay Sabrina, we are going to try this again).” I promised myself to take deep breaths and sing songs in Spanish while I dabbed her with the little bath towel. It worked! When I took her out of the bath and into the warm towel I sat down and she looked into my eyes and began to coo as if she were saying, ”Gracias mami! Me encanto esta vez!/Thank you, mami. I loved it this time.”

As our bebita has grown out of her newborn tub we have found new ways to make bath time fun. I quickly learned that bath time toys needed to be rotated in and out in order to maintain her interest. We have run the gamut of items we have introduced during bath time. We have had traditional bath toys that swim with a simple wind to mega block boats and tractors.

As I mentioned, at one point, I felt that our idea of only speaking in Spanish was fading due to the challenge of balancing all of the elements involved with parenthood. I decided that I would try integrating Spanish during specific routines in our day-to-day lives, like bath time.  I added the other daily routines once I felt that the one we were working on was in place. As I continued to rotate age appropriate toys (such as alphabet letters, water proof books, mega blocks, containers to put things in and open and close) I realized that the different items helped with diversifying and continuing my use of Spanish during bath time. Eventually, Spanish took over all of our daily routines. We are now 98% of the time speaking in Spanish to our bebita.

Yes, we also still sing during bath time, but most importantly bathing our bebita is an important part of our bedtime routine that also involves playing, chasing, reading, lots of laughs, and eventually a baby that is ready to sleep.

Bathtime has now not only become fun time and a time for Spanish, it is another important bonding time with my baby that often brings joy. JOHNSON’S is “treasuring everyday joy” with a contest for parents to share our a photo of our sweetest bonding moment with our baby to have the chance to win the Grand Prize of a $25,000 scholarship. Just visit the JOHNSON’S Facebook page to upload your photo and enter. 

The Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner: Melissa !

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All you have to do to enter is share with us your biggest tip to make baby’s bathtime, fun time.  Here are some techniques from JOHNSON’S to get you inspired!

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