Since we’ve been sharing so many kid-centered apps with you lately, I thought it was time to find one that’s more versatile – for intermediate Spanish learners of all ages. Play & Learn Spanish HD from Selectsoft Publishing is an iPad app that packs a serious learning punch.

Use different scenes, such as the classroom or city streets, or choose categories, like numbers and body anatomy, to see and hear the corresponding common Spanish vocabulary. Each time you tap an item in “Learn Mode,” the word pops up on the bottom of the screen in both Spanish and English. In “Game Mode,” you will hear and see the word in Spanish and have to tap the correct item to win points in each section. Add multiple profiles to allow the whole family to take the quizzes individually and compete!

Kids can use this app to quiz themselves or simply explore the graphics, but teenagers and adults that are learning or refreshing their Spanish will benefit most from Play & Learn Spanish HD. Recommend this one to your friends who are desperate to learn Spanish or will soon be traveling to a Latin American country.

Find Play & Learn Spanish HD in iTunes

Available for iPad

Recommended for ages 4 and up

Price: $3.99

Check out Selectsoft’s website for more.

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