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Javier Doll Sings in Spanish {Giveaway}

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When Javier arrived at my door, I was curious to see what my son would do. I pulled this adorable little doll out of the box and Isaiah smirked. He seemed curious,but confused, until I squeezed Javier’s hand and he started singing a familiar song:

“Había una vez un barquito chiquitito….”

That was all it took for my boy to become a fan of dolls.

Javier, the latest in the line of plush dolls from Baby Abuelita Productions, sings five well-known songs, including “Los Pollitos Dicen,” and “Campanitas.” With his creative hair-do, matching outfit, and musical talent, Javier quickly wins over any Spanish-speaking child.

I love that there are male and female dolls available because it encourages imaginary play for both genders. My son talks to Javier (in Spanish, of course) and shows him all of his other toys. Although he cannot replace real friends, Javier supports the idea that many people – specifically children – speak Spanish and that it’s “cool.” Javier has yet to go everywhere with us, but he has made a trip to the grocery store and the bank. I imagine he will soon be going down the slide at the park and will ultimately be a long-time amigo.

In my eyes, the best thing about Javier and Baby Abuelita’s other products is their authentic accent. I have had very bad luck in the past finding Spanish-language or bilingual toys with accurate audio. Javier’s songs are short and sweet, and the fact that there are five of them provides enough variety that parents won’t go crazy, and enough repetition that kids will quickly pick up on the words.

If you have a boy or girl who has entered the imaginary play phase (two to three years old) or simply loves traditional Spanish songs, I highly recommend adding Javier and his family members to your child’s toy box.


Congratulations to the winner:  Vanessa Delgado!

We have a Javier doll and a “Family Fiesta” DVD to give away to one lucky winner. To enter, please visit the Baby Abuelita site and tell us which of the five songs Javier sings is your child’s favorite.

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