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ve always considered myself a bit of a music snob because I am married to a Latin Musician/Song writer. With the birth of our Son, it was inevitable that music would be an important influence in his life. I, as a new mother, would prefer that he would have aspirations of becoming a lawyer, doctor or even an Indian Chief for that matter.  The reality is that there are instruments scattered from one end of our apartment to another and a live acoustical jam session can break out in any given minute. I tell myself it is what it is, and that always seems to get me through the day.

In the past, I had been invited by “Mommy Friends” to see different kid bands.  My response to their invites was: “Why? I have live music in my home,” regularly.  Honestly, having to spend an hour of my life listening to a bunch of goofy adults singing nursery rhymes could drive this sleep-deprived mother to drink. Well, that was my theory until last week.

A week ago, my son and I got to experience the musical renditions of HOT PEAS ‘N BUTTER and my former assumptions about musical performers of children’s songs totally changed. This male duo was truly a pleasure to listen to for both children and adults.  Their combination of Latin Salsero and Cumbia rhythms kept the 200-capacity venue at the Adriane Archt Center in Miami, Florida dancing, jumping and clapping. Parents and children alike were grooving to songs like “Mi Cuerpo” and “Baila /Dance.”  Hot Peas ‘n Butter is a multi-lingual band which was a welcomed surprise. They do not only have songs in Spanish and English but also French and Korean. What I found especially delightful, at least for me, was that there were no gimmicky costumes or an elaborate stage production. It was just two guys, a bongo, a clarinet, an acoustical guitar and a base guitar, and that was it. And that’s all you really need when you sound that good and have a crowd of adults and kids dancing to a song about “Bicycle Safety.”

Their live show is fantastic! I highly recommend it if they come to your town. But the CD Hot Peas ‘n Butter “Best of the Bowl” is a must-have. This particular CD is only in English and Spanish. Their clever use of languages has my 2 year old shouting “Baila… Baila…Dance… Dance!!!”  throughout our home.  One of my personal favorites from the 11-song CD is “Somos Familia.” It provides for the young listener what we call family members in English then in Spanish, but their musical rhythm reminds me of the Cuban music I listened too as a young girl with my Abuelos.

Hot Peas ‘n Butter has clearly changed my feelings about Kid’s Music. It has opened my ears to a whole new world that has my son and I dancing the time away. This Music snob has learned a valuable lesson: H P & B ROCKS!!!!

Hot Peas ‘N Butter CD’s can be found at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and on-line at iTunes, Amazon, Sony Connect, and many other music download sites. Their performance schedule can be found at

Today’s find was reviewed by director/producer/musician’s wife + mamá, Mara Farina.  Mara and her boys can be found chillin out bayside in Miami, FL.

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