If I could choose the one thing my husband and my father have the most in common it is definitely grilling. That is why when I was thinking of something the kids could create for dad and grandpa this super cute mini grill “Grilled Love”  keepsake tin was the perfect idea. Amor a la Parilla can’t get any cuter than this!

To create this Father’s Day craft here is what you need:


1-Toilet paper rolls(2- cut in half. You will only be using 3 of the halves)

2- Two Pie tins

3-Paint preferably acrylic paint

4- Foil Paper

5-Adhesive- We used glue dots

6-Paint sponge to apply your paint


Let’s get started!
father´s day craft grill art

1-Prepare your tins by painting them.

2-Do another coat of paint to make sure the color covers your tin completely

3-Let your freshly painted tins dry

4- Cut out pieces of foil paper long and wide enough to cover your roll. Secure it with your adhesive.

5-Make sure one side of your roll is closed off with foil. This will be the end that will adhere to your pie tin. To create legs

6- Using a strip of Foil folded a couple of times create a handle for your lid. Adhere it to the lid.

7-Using the same method for the handle, adhere handles to the bottom tin one on each side.

8-Adhere your legs to the bottom in a triangular form.

And flip it over and your’re ready to fill it up with dad’s favorites!

We used peanuts to create the illusion of coals and Marshmallows on a stick to create grilling kabobs!

All Done! Enjoy Father’s Day with your lucky guy!


Tip: This can also be a great table top piece for your next summer get together filled with condiments or silverware!

This is the perfect summer craft for kids!


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