gocomicsI am always on the lookout for Spanish and bilingual apps that are appropriate and entertaining for older children and teens, since my stepdaughters are in middle school and quickly losing interest in Spanish (unless it’s required for socializing). GoComics is an excellent app that features a diverse range of comics in both English and Spanish for teens and adults.


GoComics features the classics, such as Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, and Doonesbury, but also has a wide array of newer comics, like Big Nate (Nate el Grande) that younger readers will love. Some of the strips are illustration-based, and others are more densely worded. I love that some of the Spanish versions present a high-level reading challenge for kids while still being fun.


The app is updated daily, is quick to load, and offers hours of digital entertainment without all the noise and distraction that come with many of our kids’ favorite apps. Use the free version, or pay $0.99/month to get an ad-free app experience, a daily comics email, and access to content and discounts on the GoComics website.

Find GoComics in iTunes and Google Play

Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android

Recommended for ages 10 and up

Price: FREE (basic account); Pro Membership available for $0.99/month

Check out more about GoComics here.

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