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Before you tell me you don´t really need another photo sharing app, because who can really handle one more (yes, my thoughts exactly!), I´ve got to let you in on a worthwhile discovery: outmywindow. Although in the surface it may seem like one more in the bunch of photo apps, it’s actually quite special because it offers something most, if not all, photo sharing and saving apps are missing: easy-to-use, out-of-the-box privacy settings.

See, the beauty of outmywindow is that Warner Bros. created it knowing that people like us – moms and dads – love sharing intimate pictures and details about our babies and kids with family and friends. However, we don’t really want these images to be searchable or publicly posted for everyone to see. In fact, did you know that a picture you’ve shared on other sites, even when you’ve added the privacy settings from that network, is highly likely to appear on searches? Not only that, but it’s happened to many people that their baby’s picture has been used in advertising campaigns internationally without them even knowing! Now that scared the heck out of me because I’m a picture-happy person, but haven’t been as careful with privacy settings as I should.

Once you sign up to outmywindow on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or via web, you can invite your People – friends and family – then add them individually into special Albums which only they will have access to. Once you take a picture, you decide which Albums to share it with and that’s that. No secret settings, no weird sharings, just complete control of what you share and whom you share it with.

This is especially useful for someone like myself – and many of us here! – who have so many relatives living afar that we need to make it a priority to stay in touch and connected. One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with important happenings, or even the little daily details of our kids’ lives, is definitely through sharing pictures, and now that I know I can do it safely, then the abuelitas and tías whom I’ve invited to join outmywindow will soon be bombarded by pictures of my girl that are meant for their eyes only.

Outmywindow is so secure, that even non-profits like have partnered with them to be able to safely and privately share pictures of the international kids they have up for adoption in the U.S. The individual country regulations protecting these kids – especially the ones from Colombia – don’t allow for their pictures to be publicly shared online, unless they are requested. Since KidSave believes in the power of connecting with a child through their picture, they are using outmywindow to give those who request it access to “meet” these amazing children through pictures. Imagine how powerful if even one of these kids gets adopted thanks to having access to their picture?

If you do sign up for outmywindow, you can find me at ana{at}

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