Jose Luis Orozco

If you have not yet had the pleasure of hearing Jose-Luis Orozco’s newest CD with Duck Duck Moose, Favorite Spanish Songs For Kids, you MUST! It is a brilliant arrangement of bilingual music made for both English and Spanish speakers filled with Latin and American classics that both parents and their children (or teachers and students) will enjoy for sure. The variety of tempo and rhyme in the music and lyrics provides a balanced range of lessons that help with language acquisition in young children that is sometimes difficult to find in Children’s Music. I love a good CD that teaches and entertains at the same time and this is one of those. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy!

A couple of our favorites were “Buenos Dias” (Good Morning), and “Diez Deditos” (Ten Little Fingers) because they’re both sung in English and Spanish. In fact, I used to sing both these songs each morning as we gathered for circle time when I was a daycare provider. I was so thrilled to hear these songs on there! Another favorite that we all enjoyed was “Las Vocales” (The Vowels), also in English and Spanish. Hearing these familiar songs in both languages brought back so many memories of my preschool teaching days.

My own favorite from this CD was “Compadre Comprame Un Coco” (Buy Me A Coconut). I swear we played that song countless times together as a family, laughing at just trying to keep up with the hilarious 32-second tongue twister. Paired with some of his award-winning books like Diez Deditos and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America, and De Colores and Other Latin American Folk Songs, you’re sure to experience many fun-filled gatherings either at circle time if you’re a preschool teacher, or parent at home.

Listen to some short samples of this CD for yourself on the Duck Duck Moose site and also download the full lyrics in both English and Spanish!

(The entire album is available for purchase on iTunes for $9.99 and Google Play for $9.49.)

The Giveaway!

We are giving away one digital copy of Jose-Luis Orozco’s newest CD with Duck Duck Moose, Favorite Spanish Songs For Kids to THREE lucky winners! Winners will receive their prize through iTunes or Google Play. All you have to do is visit the music preview page and leave us a comment letting us know which song you and niños enjoyed the most. Then enter the rafflecopter below.
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