As my 5-year-old improves his English reading and writing skills every day, I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to match this forward progress in Spanish. Apps are one of the easiest ways to incorporate Spanish into our busy daily routine. Dic Dic, a new iPad app from European developers Perception Technologies and Estudi Kalimba, is a fresh new way to do this.


Each word is pronounced aloud and shown written, then the user must type the word. After correctly completing it, the spelling is repeated letter by letter. These settings can be adjusted.

Dic Dic is available in four languages, plus British English. This makes the three-level vocabulary list quite extensive. My son can practice more advanced English spelling, and review and learn new Spanish words. I can even use this app to refresh my high school French skills! Accents are also included where necessary, which is essential to good grammar and spelling in a foreign language.


Though the structure of Dic Dic is similar to some vocabulary apps aimed at toddlers, I like that it offers a bit more. The difficulty level can be changed as the user improves. This app is appropriate for a wide range of ages, too.

Find Dic Dic in iTunes

Available for iPad

Recommended for ages 3-12

Price: $1.99

Check out more from Perception Technologies and Estudi Kalimba here.

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