Día de los Muertos Finds-Part 2 of 2

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Photo by Paul and Jill

Photo by Paul and Jill

Yesterday we published Part 1 of this post with a list of some of the coolest Finds featuring iconic and classic Day of the Dead symbols such as calaveras and calacas.
Today we continue with the feast. Enjoy!

Chocolate Day of the Dead Skulls

One of the most traditional aspects of a Día de los Muertos celebration are the chocolate and sugar calaveras, or skulls, you get and give as gifts.  It´s usual to personalize it with the name of the person you´re giving it to.  It´s wonderful to walk into Mexican markets around these days and see stalls full of these sweet and colorful confections.  I found an Etsy shop by the name of 2gorditas that makes these skulls by hand out of yummy white chocolate and hand-paints them, making each one truly unique.  For $15 you get a gift box with 6 chocolate skulls to give away as treats, favors or to use as cupcake toppers.  Oh yeah, you can also indulge in them all by yourself!  ¡Se vale!

Día de los Muertos Sticker Book

Stickers make every kid happy.  This book has 25 vibrant stickers that celebrate Day of the Dead in English and Spanish.  It also introduces children to this traditional holiday and the festival atmosphere that accompanies it.  I’m also loving the $4.95 price tag on it.  You can find it on Amazon, via La Tiendita.

Muertos T-shirt for Dad

Have papá get in the Day of the Dead mood with this rocking t-shirt from the SleepyManatee Etsy shop.  He can do both Halloween and Muertos with this one and style it out.  This Find is available for $14 here.

Day of the Dead Crafts Book

I´m still  in search of my crafty bone (no pun intended!), but it seems to be hiding deep with in.  This book is perfect to at least inspire me to create Día de los Muertos inspired objects such as calacas, masks, skulls, altars and ofrendas (gifts) to place on the altars we make.  There are more than 24 projects that celebrate the festivity, making it a perfect starting point to gather your family around the theme.  It´s discounted at $13.95 in La Tiendita.

Las Flores de la Muerte

Frida Kahlo is one of the artists responsible for making the Day of the Dead celebration more widely known of and focusing on its mystical, colorful and joyous aspect.  This is a print from My Pink Turtle Studio that features a Frida and skulls wrapped in flower petals.  I had to include it as a find for it´s unique take and the gorgeous use of colors and patterns to bring this piece to life.  The print is an 8 x 10 reproduction of a folk art collage painting and will only cost you $15 to treasure it.  Go here to get it while they still have them.

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