DeCuentos Story Videos App in Spanish

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decuentosDeCuentos is an app unlike any I have seen before. Rather than being a typical storybook app where kids can interact with animated characters and scenes, DeCuentos brings traditional storytime into the virtual world. It includes a long list of videos of various native Spanish speakers reading children’s books aloud.


I especially like that the stories the developers chose are a mix of classic tales — think Caperucita Roja and Cinco Monitos — and contemporary stories, some of which I had never heard before using DeCuentos. In addition to a variety of stories, the videos present different readers with different accents. There are both male and female readers, which keeps it interesting.


Although nothing is a substitute for personally reading a cuento to your child, this app comes pretty close to the real thing.

Find DeCuentos in iTunes and Google Play

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Recommended for ages 1-5

Price: FREE

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