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My son has been making great strides in reading lately, so I’ve been looking for apps that encourage him to use his basic understanding of letters and their sounds. It takes a lot of work to mirror what he is learning in English and teach him phonics in Spanish, but it’s a little easier when you have the support of fun electronic resources like the My A-Z app from Night & Day Studios, Inc.

This is no ordinary flashcard app. It comes with preset words and pictures for each letter (in English), but you can add or edit them. You can even add pictures and recordings. We chose to leave the English and add a new Spanish flashcard for each letter. My son thought it was so cool that he could include pictures of himself and his toys, and loved recording his own voice to say things like “H para helicóptero.” 

Some flashcard apps can be complicated, but My A-Z is so easy to edit and use. It allows for creativity – use any words you can come up with! – and learning simultaneously. The app is versatile and affordable, and can be customized to your family’s languages.

Find My A-Z  in iTunes

Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Recommended for ages 1-7

Price: $1.99

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