The Cicada and the Ant/La cigarra y la hormiga is a multilingual interactive story app from Seven Academy. It follows the classic Aesop’s fable about a cicada who is unprepared for winter and her friend, the ant, who is perfectly warm and cozy. She needs his help to stay sheltered from the cold and promises to pay him back later. The cicada learns that prepping for the following winter would be a better use of her time than singing night and day.


This story teaches children the value of planning ahead and avoiding procrastination. It is short and sweet, but the lesson is apparent.


Change the app to one of four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, or French. Also choose from three reading modes: automatic playback, “I Read Myself” mode, or the interactive story mode. Because of these options, the app is versatile and can be enjoyed by children from preschool through early elementary. Not to mention, the characters are super cute!

Find The Cicada and the Ant in iTunes

Available for iPhone and iPad

Recommended for ages 3-7

Price: $0.99

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