The season of pumpkins, beautiful leaves and cooler weather has arrived again. Natural changes are a great opportunity to teach our kids about cultural traditions and holidays, as well as the science of the season. As per usual, we think these discussions should take place in Spanish! If you need some encouragement and a way to show your children what el otoño is all about, consider adding some of the following books to your home library.

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El Otoño by Núria Roca — A great choice for pre-K or Kindergarten kids because of the beautiful illustrations and simple text. Includes reading activities at the end!

Veamos el otoño/Let’s look at fall by Schuette and Sarah L. — A large, comprehensive elementary science book. Learn what happens to animals, plants, and weather with the change of seasons.

El Primer Otoño de Clifford by Norman Bridwell — Explore fall with the classic Big Red Dog. This is a nice way to talk about fall through a narrative, rather than an informational book.

Autumn/Otoño by JoAnn Early Macken — Easy photographs and a visual glossary make this a good basic book to have around.

El Otoño by Sian Smith — Read about what happens in the fall and enjoy gorgeous photos of the changing leaves.

La cosecha de calabazas/Pumpkin Harvest by Calvin Harris and Martin Luis Guzman Ferrer — Ever wondered how all those pumpkins arrive in the pumpkin patch every October? Read this and talk to your kids about how they are grown and harvested.

Otoño (Veo, Veo!) by Karen Bryant-Mole and Elizabeth de La Ossa — Discover all the traditional fall activities, plus answer the questions included in this summary of the season.

Soy una hoja by Jean Marzollo — Instead of looking at photos of millions of leaves, learn about the life of each individual one! 

El conteo regresivo del otoño by Fran Hawk — Read about all the different kinds of trees that drop those beautiful leaves.

Experimentos para cada día del otoño by Dorothea Tust — A great home or classroom book for bilingual science lovers.



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