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#BilingualKids Activities Round-up: Speaking Spanish -

In our bilingual journey we know that the best way to expose our kids to Spanish is to make it immersive and fun . That’s why this week’s activity round-up is dedicated to encouraging our kids to practice speaking Spanish and, of course, have lots of fun! The activities were created by bloggers who are also on a journey to raise bilingual and bicultural kids and have found a few tips and tricks along the way.

learn spanish through play with cars -

Learning through Play: CARS // Shapes

For The Love of Spanish shared a three part series of learning Spanish through play activities all about toy cars. We love this activity because of all the Spanish vocabulary and conversation that is flawlessly woven into a simple afternoon of playing with toy cars. Click here for the vocabulary chart and directions for this activity.

5 Games to Get Your Bilingual Child Talking -

5 Games to Get Your Bilingual Child Talking

This post by In Culture Parent simply shares five kids games that encourage communicating in Spanish. The only thing you need is a bilingual brain to exercise and have lots of fun talking! Click here for the list of five games and instructons.

Playing board games to increase language expression in a foreign language -

Playing board games to increase language expression in a foreign language

Maria of the Paris Busy Bee Blog shares her tips and experiences using board games to practice a target language. Click here for her story and tips.

Language Learning Activity: Parts of the Body -

Parts of the Body

Cecy of Spanglish House shared this fun activity with her readers with the purpose of getting our niños talking in Spanish. The activity is very hands-on and encourages kids to sing and talk  in Spanish to learn the names of body parts. Click here for the activity instructions.

Puppets as Linguistic Catalysts -

Puppets as Linguistic Catalysts

Multilingual Mama shared a story about the success of using puppets with her bilingual daughter to practice the target language, which in her case is French. Click here to read Multilingual Mama’s story.


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