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The following review was written by Silvia, mom of two bilingual sons ages 5 years and 18 months. You can catch up with Silvia blogging at: Mamá Latina Tips.

The Bilingual Fun Company was created with the purpose of exposing young children to the Spanish language. Mark and Jennifer Manriquez use their knowledge and experience both as educators and as bilingual parents to create these videos with music, chants, movement and basic activities that make learning Spanish fun.

My children enjoyed watching the videos; my 5 year old sat focused while my 18 month old couldn’t stop dancing to the music.

Spanish for Children Volume 1 covers “Los Colores (Colors),” “Los Números (Numbers),” and “Los Animales (Animals)”.

Spanish for Children Volume 2 covers “Los Saludos (Greetings),” “El Cuerpo (The Body),” “La Comida (Food),” plus a practice quiz.

Both videos are for children 1-10 years of age and come with vocabulary and lyrics to follow along.

The videos are designed so that each chapter has at least one group activity, one song, pictures and subtitles. Repetition is key to learning a language and the videos use this tool very well, changing locations and objects to reinforce the words. I also like that you can watch all chapters together or you can choose just one (this comes in handy when you have a child who loves one and wants to watch it over and over again).

My 5 year old, who is bilingual, knew pretty much every word, and still he was very focused on the video, he danced and sang and participated with the activities. He just started reading in Spanish and reading the subtitles gave him a lot of pleasure, too. My 18 month old enjoyed the music, he clapped and danced with it, and while he is still too young to focus for the duration of the video, he perked up when the children appeared, especially during the songs.

The singing was fun, not always completely in tune to be honest, but this just gives it an authentic charm. Children love to sing and dance and the videos have plenty of that. A couple of the songs I remember singing myself as a child in Mexico, so it was fun to hear them again and to be able to share them with my own children.

I wish they had used “Por Favor and Gracias” a little more. However, overall, I think these videos would be great for both parents who speak English only and want to introduce Spanish to their children, and for Spanish-speaking, bilingual parents or OPOL families who want to have something fun for the kids to watch while reinforcing Spanish language learning. Your kids will love them and you will love listening to their Spanish grow.

Jennifer Marquez, or Maestra Jen, a fellow mamá bloguera and owner of Bilingual Fun is giving one of our readers the two DVDs in the award-winning Spanish for Children series.

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