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La aventura de Wubbzy y los dinosaurios is a cute story app for kids who already love Nick Jr.’s Wow! Wow! Wubbzy show. The show’s characters encounter various interesting species of dinosaurs on their adventure, including a “Locosaurio.”

Although they are a bit afraid at first, they end up baking and sharing cupcakes with the scary creatures. Each page is interactive, with the dinosaurs and Wubbzy’s friends each having something funny to say when you touch them.


There are a few games spaced throughout the story, such as this simple shape matching one:


At the end of the story, a Parent’s Corner will give you some simple suggestions for discussing what happened with your child. This app is a great way to disguise early reading skills practice in the form of play.

The app can be played in English or Spanish, and can be read automatically or left for you to read to your child.

Find La aventura de Wubbzy y los dinosaurios in iTunes and Google Play

Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android

Recommended for preschoolers

Price $1.99

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