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My kids loved libritos when they were small. The little pages were the right size for their hands and they would color the books just the way they wanted.

My students like making mini-books too, especially one I think of as the “add-a-sticker” librito. These books have an object or simple background on each page as a setting. Children use identical stickers to add a “character” and create a wordless book. Then they can tell their story. This is a wonderful language activity for kids learning Spanish.

The stickers can be circles – they become una pelota in the story – stars or an animal. The other day I found a cute sheet of abejas. The stickers should all be the same though, so that kids can tell the story of one character.

For a printable version of the instructions below click here.

Making the Mini-Book

- Use the PDFs below or make your own book with a simple picture on each page. You can use photos of family, friends, or your home. Cut each sheet of paper into four pages, add a cover and staple it all together.

- If your child is learning Spanish, choose pictures of things that she can talk about with the words she knows.

- You can reuse materials by making covers out of old calenders, cereal boxes or brown paper bags.

Adding the Stickers And Telling the Story

How much support you give your child to tell the story will depend on her age and language level. Here are a few ways you can help her tell a story in Spanish:

- Make your own book as you help your child make hers. Talk about the pages as you put the books together so that she hears the words.

- When the book is ready, your child should put one sticker on each page. She does not have to have the story in mind at this point.

- Model telling a story with the book you made. Let your child help you by filling in key words.

- Sequence your story using words like entonces and después. Add cause and effect with porque and por eso.

- Help your child by telling her story together. Start with Un día, una…. and let your child fill in pelota (abeja, estrella….). Continue the story letting her fill in key words.

- Accept your child’s ideas even if they are not logical. This is fun, imaginative play, and it is her story.

- Encourage your child to read her librito to family and friends.

- The story may be different each time she tells it. That is great! It is excellent language practice.

The pictures and the sticker character help children organize a narration and provide support for the language. With an add-a-sticker librito, kids can have fun creating and telling a story in Spanish.

Click here to download two printable libritos.

Creative Commons clip art courtesy of Sweet Clip Art

Special thanks to Spanish Playground for providing this activity. Visit their site for more fun games and activities for kids in Spanish.

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