Disney Beauty and the Beast 3D
This Disney classic will be hitting theaters once more, and we can’t wait to take our little princesses! The fantastic journey of Belle will surely captive us all over again, but this time in stunning 3D.

Disney The Secret World of Arrietty


Based on the award-winning novel “The Borrowers,” this captivating film is perfect for the whole family. Living quietly beneath the floorboards of a home is Arrietty and her family who move about undetected in their own secret world, but that’s all about to change. Arrietty begins a friendship with a 12 year-old boy who moves into the home, but they soon find out their friendship is putting Arrietty and her family in danger.


Disney John Carter


This action-adventure film tells the story of John Carter who unexplainably finds himself in the mysterious planet Barsoom. He soon gets involved in an epic conflict and discovers that the faith of the planet rests in his hands. In short, this action packed film will surely appeal to the adventure seekers in the family.


Disney Chimpanzee

April 20 (Earth Day): CHIMPANZEE

This April in honor of Earth Day Disneynature is releasing Chimpanzee, a true life adventure that will take us deep into the forests of Africa. Chimpanzee centers around the life of Oscar, an adorable baby chimp. Like with previous Disneynature films, we can look forward to learning a little more about the animal kingdom and our planet with our niños.

Marvel The Avengers


For our older kids, the Marvel super heroes are back in Marvel’s The Avengers. The team of superheroes, which includes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow, will be saving the world from an unexpected enemy.


Disney Brave

June 22: BRAVE

Brave is the story of a princess unlike any we’ve seen before. Merida is a daring skilled archer who confronts tradition and the fiercest beasts, learning about true bravery in the process. We ‘re definitely excited to check out this new kind of princess movie with our kids.


Disney The Odd Life of Timothy Green


A young boy named Timothy shows up at Cindy and Jim Green’s doorstep one stormy night. To Cindy and Jim, who are anxious to start a family, Timothy is a surprise that soon turn’s into life’s greatest gift for them. This unique and charming story can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Disney Finding Nemo 3D

September 14: FINDING NEMO 3D

We all know and love the story of Nemo and his adventures through the great ocean. During September we’ll get the chance to revisit all the quirky characters our kids love so much in 3D!


Disney Frankenweenie a Tim Burton Film


Frankenweenie is a Tim Burton film that will be hitting theaters in time for Halloween. It is the story of a boy named Victor and his beloved dog, the unexpected loss of his dog, and Victor’s scientific attempt to bring his dog back to life. It might not be a film for our little ones, but our older kids will surely enjoy the spooky yet heartwarming film.


Disney Wreck It Ralph 3D

November 12: WRECK-IT RALPH 

And last but not least, a film that will appeal to all out little video game lovers Wreck it Ralph is the story of a bad-guy character in a video game who wants to be a hero. However, he ends up bringing trouble to his entire arcade in the process.

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