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Your SpanglishBaby: Sabrina

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One of our amazing contributors, Suzanne García Mateus, introduces us to her beautiful baby girl. Baby’s Name: Sabrina Marie Mateus Parents Names: Suzanne & Marcus Mateus City where you reside: Austin, Texas Languages Spoken: We are speaking Spanish and English simultaneously with the intent of merging towards Spanish only. Still getting the hang of the life with a newborn and it makes our language goals difficult. Age of Child: Almost 10 weeks. Born June 8th, 2010. Languages spoken: Our bebitaRead More ...

Your SpanglishBaby: Carolina

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Child’s name: Carolina Parents: Blanca and Eric City: Norwalk, CA Age: 2 years and 10 months Languages spoken at home: Spanish only, but sometimes English between mommy and daddy and extended family. Benefits: She speaks and understands only Spanish right now. I love to see how she is able to communicate with her abuelitos in Spanish. Looking forward to her learning to speak English and becoming bilingual ..but I’m still a little nervous if we should be using OPOL orRead More ...

Your SpanglishBaby: Sophia Elise Mayor

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Meet Sophia Elise Mayor, daughter of Marisela and Guillermo Mayor from Tijuana, México. Sophia Elise is two and 1/2 years and she’s already bilingual in English and Spanish. Her mamá, Marisela, tells us how being bilingual has already benefited Sophia Elise:  “We live right on the border between Mexico and the US and we have family, friends and children’s activities on both countries. Sophia is able to transition from one country to another, to one set of friends to another,Read More ...

Your SpanglishBaby: Paloma & Valentino

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Meet Paloma Ximena Cobbs Silva (4 years old) and Valentino Xavier Cobbs Silva (2 years old) from Sacramento, California. Their parents are: Gilda Roxana Cobbs & Scott Cobbs Paloma and Valentino are bilingual and speak Spanish and English Being bilingual has already been a benefit in their life since they are able to communicate with family members on both mother’s and father’s side of the family. ———————— Send us a picture of Your SpanglishBaby and we´ll feature him/her right here.Read More ...

Sean Ramón Escamilla-Zielinski

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Parents’ names: Kathy and Zane City: Chicago Age: 3 years Languages spoken at home: Spanish & English He is able to communicate with a wider community of people and has already begun making connections between words in English and Spanish that will help his reading comprehension as a whole. ———— Send us a picture of Your SpanglishBaby and we´ll feature him/her right here. We’ll feature one SpanglishBaby per week. Email your good quality picture to with the following info:Read More ...

Lucas Gabriel Ginestra

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Parents’ names: Anthony Gabriel Ginestra & Andrea María Urioste City:  Flushing, New York Age: 5 months (3 months in the picture) Languages spoken at home: Spanish Lucas responds to his family and friends with noises in either language. Being bilingual will also prepare him for our first visit to Uruguay were he’ll have the opportunity to meet his cousins and extended family and be able to understand them. ———— Send us a picture of Your SpanglishBaby and we´ll feature him/herRead More ...

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