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What is a Latino?

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I‘ve been racking my brain the last few days trying to come up with a definition of what’s a Latino. And, for the life of me, I still don’t have an answer. I mean, I guess I could look it up in the dictionary, but the word evokes so many different attributes that the truth is there just can not be a sole interpretation. Plus, I’ve found that it really depends on who you ask. Although it’s no longer newsRead More ...

How to Create a ‘Perceived Need’ for the Minority Language

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My 18-year-old goddaughter, Veronika, was recently in town for the weekend and I noticed something pretty interesting that I’m still trying to figure out. Although she was raised bilingual by my (Peruvian) sister and her father, who is Cuban, (but moved to New York as a toddler and thus speaks more English than Spanish,) ever since I can remember, we have always communicated in English. I mean, I know she understands Spanish, but when I talk to her, she hasRead More ...

A Brief Look at Heritage Language Schools

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Back-to-school has been a major theme in our country this week. Today we want to explore another educational option that’s available for our niños: Heritage Language Schools. You might not have even heard of them, like us, or have no idea how to find one in your area. So, we’ve prepared this to introduce you to the basic concept of Heritage Language Schools, why they’re an excellent alternative for parents raising bilingual children and how you can get motivated toRead More ...

5 Common Myths About Raising Bilingual Children

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This post was originally published on Feb. 3rd, 2009 under the title Away with the Myths. In most parts of the world, being bilingual is seen as an advantage. Back in Peru, my maternal grandfather sent my mother and her sisters to a bilingual (English/Spanish) school from kindergarten on. My parents sent both my sister and I to that same bilingual school. I hope to do the same for my daughter – send her to a bilingual school, that is.Read More ...

SpanglishBaby Gets a Sister

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Ana Lilian has been toying with the idea for a while now and, at this point, I guess there’s no better way to celebrate our SIX month anniversary than by launching our brand new sister site: SpanglishBabyFinds! ¿Qué es? A fun and honest review site where we will tell you about all the cool things–music, DVDs, books, clothing, toys, websites, etc–we find related to raising bilingual + bicultural children. The idea is to share with you all the great stuffRead More ...

Sign Language: Useful Links

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Today’s the last day of our special series dedicated to sign language and how it can be used as a bridge between languages for all those of us raising our children bilingual. As promised, we wanted to put together a list of useful links and resources related to baby sign language. We hope you take the time to explore all these for they all offer different kinds of information, including visual dictionaries (so you can learn any and all theRead More ...

Sign Language: A Bridge Between Two Languages

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I guess I never really made the correlation, but as I meet more people raising their children bilingual and I read more about the whole concept, it truly makes a lot of sense that those who use the OPOL (one parent-one language) method, have found it incredibly beneficial to also teach their children sign language. Recently, we dedicated a whole week to the topic of the OPOL method since we realized this is the one the majority of you areRead More ...

Even More Reasons to Raise Bilingual Kids: The Latest Studies

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When we launched SpanglishBaby almost six months ago, I wrote a post about why raise bilingual children. In the weeks and months following, we’ve tried to write about or at least mention the latest studies related to bilingualism which have given us even more reasons why it’s such a great decision to raise our children bilingual. But we’ve never really taken a closer, more detailed look at why bilingualism is one of the best gifts we can give our kids.Read More ...

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