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Bicultural Birthdays Celebration | Mexico

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Editor’s Note: This whole week is dedicated to the topic of Bicultural Birthday Celebration. Make sure you’re subscribed to receive our posts because we have an awesome round up of guest posts and fabulous giveaways. I asked my 7 year old if he thought birthday parties were different in Mexico than in the U.S.  He said, “Totally”.  Sweet, I thought, some food for fodder… How? “Spanish”. Thanks for the insight, love.  I will argue, however, that is the cool thing with kidsRead More ...

Bicultural Birthdays Celebration | Venezuela

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Editor´s Note:  This whole week is dedicated to the topic of Bicultural Birthday Celebration.  Make sure you´re subscribed to receive our posts because we have an awesome round up of guest posts and fabulous giveaways. I have so many great memories of birthday celebrations growing up in Venezuela, they are memories that make me very happy and nostalgic. My mom used to get us the prettiest new clothes to wear that day, there was always a cake with some quesilloRead More ...

Bicultural Birthdays Celebration | An Introduction

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  I love summers! Both Vanessa and Santiago were born in the summer (and so was I, even though I was born in February, since Peru is in the southern hemisphere) which means two birthday parties for us! As I mentioned last week, we celebrated my daughter’s 5th party in our backyard last Sunday. I’m not going to lie and say these are easy because they are actually a TON of work. And, even though, it’s basically non-stop from theRead More ...

Riviera Maya: The Ideal Destination To Travel With Children

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The Riviera Maya in Mexico is a place that has truly been blessed by nature.  Its claim to fame is the turquoise Caribbean sea that embraces the coastline of the state of Quintana Roo.  But there is more to this paradise than the ocean; natural marvels, ancient history, quaint towns, eco-adventures and more provide the perfect setting for the ideal travel plans where the whole family will have  a fun vacation in a safe environment. Just be careful, very careful,Read More ...

Blended Families and Bilingualism

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When I first started writing for SpanglishBaby, my son and I were going it alone. I was a single parent trying to keep up with speaking my non-native language to him full-time. It was challenging, but relatively predictable. Now, I have taken on a whole new set of challenges regarding parenting and bilingualism. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who has two daughters, ages 9 and 11. The girls both know Spanish, but have quite different viewsRead More ...

An Immersion Adventure in Mexico | Saying Goodbye

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Editor’s note: This is Part 6 in a continuing series by Amy Conroy. To read the other parts, go here. Although this is the last one from San Miguel de Allende, Amy has promised one more post a few weeks after they’re back home in Los Angeles to share their impressions on their immersion adventure. We hope you’ve enjoyed living vicariously through Amy and her kids as much as we have! This will be short and sweet as I amRead More ...

Celebrating Birthdays Latino Style

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My firstborn is turning 5 tomorrow. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult this is for me to believe. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was trying to figure out if it was time to go to the hospital to give birth to her. A week from today she starts Kindergarten and they tell me that once they start school, time flies even faster. Is that even possible? Anyhow, we celebrated her birthday yesterday withRead More ...

Cultural Travel to Ecuador: Immersing Our Daughter in her Heritage

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This picture is a perfect reflection of how we are trying to raise our daughter with multiple cultures and multiple languages. One foot lies on the northern side of the equator representing her North American (Mexican-American) roots while the other foot lies on the southern side of the equator representing her South American (Ecuadorian) heritage. This may be a stretch, but I think it’s an appropriate one considering our meager attempt to add a third language, but her lack ofRead More ...

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