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Inside the Bilingual Mind

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I think I have discovered the one disadvantage of bilingualism. Because I often tutor in public places (bookstore, Starbucks), I have a lot of people-watching opportunities. What I am never prepared for, though, is the amount of people-listening that my brain wants to do. I can be teaching in English – usually describing how to approach an SAT problem – and also paying attention to the Spanish conversation at the next table. It is to be expected that you wouldRead More ...

Danny DeVito Speaks In Four Languages (including Spanish!) as The Lorax

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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to be part of a group of bloggers who got the change to screen Dr Seuss’ The Lorax and then sit in roundtable interviews with several cast members and crew. Meaning, I got to meet icons like Betty White and Danny DeVito, who plays the Lorax and, as such, “speaks for the trees.” Danny DeVito was dead on as the Lorax. So much so, that the producers at Universal couldn´t imagine anyoneRead More ...

Our Experience With Homeschool Spanish Academy

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Recently my 13 year old son and I got to try out an online video-conferencing Spanish program called, “Homeschool Spanish Academy” and we’re really excited to share our experience with SpanglishBaby readers. Homeschool Spanish Academy – What is it? Founded in 2010, Homeschool Spanish Academy is an online “Spanish institution that offers interactive immersion lessons with native-speaking Spanish instructors in Central America,” (Guatemala to be exact.) As the name indicates, Homeschool Spanish Academy is aimed at homeschooled children, but IRead More ...

Raising A Spanglish Toddler

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Newly pregnant with our first child, there were so many hopes and dreams I aspired to give my daughter: a secure sense of self, confidence in her womanhood and the ability to define her cultural identity in whichever way she chooses. Being of mixed races and cultures, I wondered who would win in the battle of personal identity definition…Alina or society at large. With that in mind, before Alina was born, I decided she would be bilingual in order toRead More ...

Bilingual Musings: Language Transfer

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Language transfer, when someone applies knowledge from their native language to a second language, is typical in budding bilinguals like my daughter. Although in her case, she really does a lot of the transferring the other way around, from what I like to think as her second language (English) into her native one (Spanish). Of course, it could be argued that in a case like hers, where she has been exposed to both languages pretty much since birth, it’s hardRead More ...

Answering All the “Why’s” and “¿Cómo Se Dice?”

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They’re much milder now, but my boys’ speech delays were so very pervasive for the longest time. We went from no speech to echolalia (our own speech parroted back to us) to practicing simple requests over and over and over.  I was always somewhat amazed by other children their age when I heard them speaking on the playground, stringing together such complex thoughts so effortlessly. A friend of mine, whose daughter is two years younger than my sons, once askedRead More ...

The Spanish Immersion Lottery is Today!!!

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Yes, I am so, so, so nervous about this! As you know, we’re in the process of applying to dual language immersion programs in our area and we’ve got our heart set in our girl being accepted into the Spanish dual immersion program at Franklin Magnet School, aka International Foreign Language Academy of Glendale. Today is the day the public lottery is held and we’ll know if our girl’s name gets drawn to be amongst the 24 or so childrenRead More ...

A Solid Plan for Raising Bilingual Children

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Raising bilingual children in the United States can be challenging, but having a plan in place, significantly increases your chance for success. If you are not lucky enough to have a bilingual school to support you, creativity and effort are necessary to help your child acquire Spanish. In my head there was always an informal idea on how I would raise my children to speak Spanish, but now that they are in preschool, I am re-evaluating my action plan. ToRead More ...

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