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Morena Escardo is half the team of Peru Delights. She studied Philosophy in England, and Literature in Spain, worked as a magazine and book editor, and had a catering business for 3 years in Lima. Together with her mother, a professional chef and cookbook writer, they decided to share the food of their country with the world, because they believed people were missing out on this wonderful, extremely varied cooking heritage. Peruvian food is considered to be the next big thing in the culinary world.


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Gluten-Free Quinoa, Almond and Sherry Cake – Christmas with a Twist

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  Did you know December is National Fruit Cake Month? Ever since I’ve become a food blogger I have discovered that almost every day of the year (or at least every month) has a theme in relation to food. Chocolate cake day, Chiffon cake day, Good Nutrition month, and the list goes on. But instead of discarding these celebrations as pointless and arbitrary, I find this to be a fantastic way to remember those foods that we sometimes leave coveredRead More ...

Charm Your Guests With These Easy Sushi Squares {Recipe}

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Have you had enough of preparing enormous amounts of food for entertaining? We all know how drained a party celebration can leave anyone, especially those hosting it or in charge of the kitchen. It’s one thing to love preparing homemade meals for your family, without having to impress anyone with flamboyant decorations and exotic tastes; but cooking for a large number of people, and making sure everything is ready before they arrive, is a very different story. Since December isRead More ...

Hearty Mushroom, Marsala and Quinoa Autumn Soup

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  Even though the days are now prone to get shorter and colder, November is a month of big celebrations. Thanksgiving, of course, is the first thing that comes to mind when using the “c” word, but there are some other, less traditional reasons that make this month special. For example, November is Good Nutrition Month. Now this is the kind of celebration I really like. Even though I love a good pig-out every now and then, and however muchRead More ...

Eat More Veggies with a Nicaraguan Feast

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  Continuing with the theme of my last post, today I want to talk about eating more veggies. Our culture seems to have a love/hate relationship with this food group: we know it’s good for us, but we are much more tempted to eat “tastier” veggie-less foods that are thrown on our faces day in and day out. Eating vegetables always ends up feeling like homework, and nobody likes doing homework, right? What I have found out through many yearsRead More ...

Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

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Sandwiches are one of my favorite inventions in the world. You can pretty much carry around any food you like (except soup and ice cream!) inside two loaves of bread, and enjoy it wherever you happen to be, and whenever you feel like it. Gotta love it! One of the things I like the most about sandwiches, is that they allow you to conceal, in a way, and enjoy without judgement, things that you wouldn’t usually eat on their own,Read More ...

Swordfish Brochettes With Jamaican Jerk Sauce

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Hello everyone, and happy summer! My favorite season is officially here and I couldn’t be more thrilled! This is the perfect time for light, fresh meals that can be prepared outside, and that are bursting with life and color. A few weeks ago I gave you my mom’s recipe for a grilled chicken with a latin-loving salad made of beans, plantains, avocado, and jalapeno peppers. That recipe got me inspired to have a grilling session of my own, using anotherRead More ...

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