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Morena Escardo is half the team of Peru Delights. She studied Philosophy in England, and Literature in Spain, worked as a magazine and book editor, and had a catering business for 3 years in Lima. Together with her mother, a professional chef and cookbook writer, they decided to share the food of their country with the world, because they believed people were missing out on this wonderful, extremely varied cooking heritage. Peruvian food is considered to be the next big thing in the culinary world.

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Summery Grilled Chicken With a Tropical Salad

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These days have been warmer than usual, and I felt the heat especially intense because my A/C was broken for five days, including the holiday, and I –working from home- have been literally melting, with all the windows open and no intention to cook anything in the stove. This, as you may imagine, can be problematic if you are a food blogger, like I am, and need to be cooking stuff all the time! Talking to my mother about thisRead More ...

Simple Red Wine Olive and Pepper Rice Pilaf {Recipe}

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Mother´s Day is around the corner, and food is being thrown at us from every direction. As we all very well know, moms tend to have a special place in their hearts for sugary treats, and buying baked confections or making them at home is high on the list of best gifts for her on this once-a-year event. But before the awaited dessert, a whole meal needs to be prepared for the family, and even though this is, in fact,Read More ...

Oriental Empanadas with Citrus Soy Sauce

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Last weekend I decided to indulge a little in the kitchen, and put some more effort than I usually do for my go-to dishes. Checking out some cooking videos for inspiration, I came across Peruvian chef, Flavio Solorzano’s fish empanadas, and decided to make a variation of this Latin American all-time-favorite food. And what better than cooking fish or seafood to make a meal special and extra nutritious, right? I found some beautiful meaty scallops in the supermarket, and filled theRead More ...

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