Getting Lost in a Corn Maze

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We didn’t have to travel too far last weekend to find a farm in the Valley that hosts one of the most fun fall harvest adventures: a huge corn maze! Forneris Farms is not only well known for its fabulous and huge pumpkins, but also because every year they carve out a wild corn field of over 4 acres of twists and turns that takes close to an hour to get through.

After checking out the corn maze online, we decided we had to go walk through it. Menos mal that my husband can actually read a map because I would have had to call someone to get us out of there.

To motivate you to walk through it all, they have set up along the way ten “cornundrums” or silly riddles that you must figure out the answer for. If you find ten, you can enter to win a prize. Looking for these cornundrums kept Camila super motivated and she beamed every time she would figure one out.

Not only was my husband able to know precisely at what point of the maze we where based on the map we had, but he also shot this cool video of the fun. Check out Camila coming out of the maze bummed we couldn’t find all the cornundrums: “¡Estaba muy dificil!”

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