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Many of us have heard the phrases “Value what you have” or “Don’t be afraid to start over.” It is here that Pam Muñoz, author of Esperanza Renace (Esperanza Rising in English), does an amazing job exemplifying what this really means by taking her readers in a journey with Esperanza (which means hope). This is a story of a young girl who learns how important both love and sacrifice for family and friends are.

Esperanza is a girl who has it all: the most beautiful silk dresses, expensive porcelain dolls, and a family she adores. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse and Esperanza and her mother are forced to move to California. This new life is completely different from the one she had grown accustomed to.

The character Esperanza is based on Esperanza Ortega, Pam Muñoz’ grandmother, and her real life experiences living on a hacienda in Mexico and later coming to The United States. The beauty of this book is that is very well written and will leave you always wanting to read more. While it is targeted for audiences 8+, this is a great opportunity to use this book as a read aloud to your children. They for sure will love it.

31 Days Of Reading in SpanishBOOK DETAILS

Title: Esperanza Renace

Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan

Translator: Nuria Molinero

Illustrator: Joe Capeda

Publisher/Year: Scholastic en Español, 2012

Ages: 8+

ISBN: 978-0439398855

Price: $6.99 on

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