31 Days of Reading in Spanish: Esperando a Papá

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I love the multicultural children’s literature written by bilingual teacher and author Rene Colato Lainez. His books feature minority children in a positive way, and his stories encourage all children to dream and work for a better future.

Esperando a Papá introduces children to some of the many issues surrounding immigration and its impact on families. The story starts with Beto celebrating his eighth birthday and wishing once again that his father could be with him. Three years before that, Beto and his mother came to the United States from El Salvador, but his father was unable to get a visa. The loss of the family home and their possessions weighs heavily on Beto’s mind, but it is the absence of his father that is felt the most.

A school project gives Beto the opportunity to read on the radio a heartfelt letter to his father. His beautiful words to his dad help facilitate the family’s long awaited reunion. When Beto learns that his father will soon be with him, he works to purchase him a special present. With the aid of his classmates, Beto is successful in purchasing boots for his father, making the reunion even more joyous and special.

While children will enjoy the story, they will gain an understanding of some more complex issues. They will also come to appreciate the value of hard-work, tenacity and the need to have hope. This is a book that the whole family will enjoy!

31 Days Of Reading in Spanish     BOOK DETAILS

     Title: Waiting For Papá/Esperando a Papá

     Author:  René Colato Laínez

     Illustrator: Anthony Accardo

     Ages:  4-12 years

     Publisher/Year:  Piñata Books/2004

     ISBN:  1558854037

     Price:  $13.72 on amazon.com

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