How I Make My Girl’s Lunchtime Special

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As a busy and time-crunched mom, it’s easy to get lost in the craziness of our endless to-do lists and just getting through the everyday routines. To top it off, we have to be our kids playmates, teachers, mentors, captain, event coordinator and guide. And that’s not even counting what it takes to be a wife and just stay sane and healthy!

Amidst it all, everyday I make an effort to spend quality time with my girl and give her my full attention. Since she’s an only child-and a very fiery and passionate girl-she basically demands this attention all the time. So I have to make sure she knows I’m there for her, but also that mami has to take care of many things around the house.

Since she does spend a huge chunk of the day at preschool and aftercare so that I can work, I’ve come up with a special way of letting her know I’m always thinking of her, even when we’re not together. This is my way of adding a special touch to her day: lunch notes in Spanish with stickers.

She can’t read yet, but she recognizes letters and can read and write her own name, plus she just loves stickers. This has become a ritual of sorts and something for her to look forward to everyday. Her lunchbox has a small zippered pocket in the front and that’s where she can find her little notita every day.

Busy moms have to work a little extra harder to find the moments where we can add a little something extra to make it special and memorable for our family. Wouldn´t you agree?

To raise a bilingual child is already a huge and special feat in and of itself. How do you add special touches to your daily routine to show your family how much you care for them?

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