Camila, my husband and I are spending the holidays in El Salvador. One of the highlights of the trip so far was getting to celebrate mi abuelita´s 89th birthday and getting to snap this first picture of four generations of Martinez girls.

My abuelita is really the one who set the stage for my bicultural upbringing since she was, in part, responsible for getting my dad the job in Houston which forced the newly married Salvadoran couple (mi mami y mi papi) to move and start a new life abroad. Shortly after, I was born in North American soil.

Gracias, abuelita por tu visión y por seguir adelante siendo un ejemplo de mujer guerrera y triunfadora. ¡Y por enseñarme a siempre vivir en la fiesta! ¡Feliz cumpleaños y feliz navidad!

I’m grateful this Navidad that my daughter gets to keep this picture of her bisabuela, su abuela y su mamá in El Salvador.

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