vane candles

Vanessa blowing out her 5 candles

My firstborn is turning 5 tomorrow. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult this is for me to believe. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was trying to figure out if it was time to go to the hospital to give birth to her. A week from today she starts Kindergarten and they tell me that once they start school, time flies even faster. Is that even possible?

Anyhow, we celebrated her birthday yesterday with a beautiful party in our backyard. It was hot, but luckily it didn’t rain, even though that’s what the weather forecast called for. We had a clown who painted the kids faces. My baby girl looked like a princess, just like she wished for.

I have a lot to tell you about it, but you’ll have to wait til next week when we’re bringing you a whole week of birthday celebrations Latino-style. We’ll be showcasing how all types of Latinos celebrate cumpleaños and I’ll be leading the way with a post about Vanessa’s birthday party and some of our traditions.

Hope you come back for that!


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