Mami, ¡hablan español!

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My son at Red Rocks (my daughter and I in the distance)

Just before our state was paralyzed thanks to the most frigid temperatures I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, we were actually enjoying beautiful weather here in the Rockies!

In fact, last Sunday, we took a trip to Red Rocks – a must-see if you ever visit Colorado – which is a wondrous open-air amphitheater where music concerts are performed on a regular basis. The Beatles played there! On a clear day, you can actually see downtown Denver from the top of the amphitheater.

Anyhow, since it’s a must-visit for tourists and residents alike, and the weather was actually in the balmy 50′s – un verdadero regalo para Denver en enero – it was pretty packed. As we went into the visitor’s center, Vanessa overheard a mom and her daughter speaking Spanish.

“Mami, ¡hablan español!” she shrieked in excitement, her face full of recognition and pride.

And, just like that, she made my day!

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