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Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

February is well known for carnivals, so it seems pretty fitting that we’re hosting the monthly Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism started last year by Letizia from Bilingual for Fun.

We’ve grown to really love this idea mostly because we’ve connected with a lot of bloggers from all over the world trying to do the same thing we all are: raising bilingual/multilingual children!

This month we’re happy to welcome back the usual suspects, but we’d also like to introduce you to a few new bloggers. The following articles range from funny to educational, but more than anything, they prove we’re not alone. Enjoy!

1) Bilingual Pre-Teens — How to approach bilingualism once your children are about to become adolescents. An excellent topic which we don’t really cover much. Sent by Eve @ Blogging on Bilingualism.

2) Playgroup – 18 months on — A funny story about how children will use the “lack of fluency” in their second language to their advantage. Sent by Fiona @ Living in the Land of Chocolate.

3) How to Make Language Learning Come Alive — Fun ways to introduce language into everyday activities from the mouth of an expert: a mom and an educator. Sent by Maestra Jen @ Bilingual Fun.

4) Cri Cri the Little Singing Cricket — Music is not only a fun way to teach Spanish, but real important to reinforce the minority language. Sent by Silvia @ Mama Latina Tips.

5) 10 Ways to Develop a Relationship with Parents of Dual Language Students — language should not be a barrier for teaches to communicate with parents, an interesting look from the other side. Sent by Laura @ Bubu Books.

6) Bilingual Children’s Books: A Cheater’s Guide — A detailed look at how you can still read to your child in the minority language even without bilingual books. A thorough list of books is included.  Sent by Lauren @ Hobo Mama.

7) Facially Off-Putting — What happens when you speak to your kids in a language other than the one you’ve been using to raise them. Sent by Sarah @ Home School/Home Educate in Italy.

8 ) Parallel Learning and Bilingual Literacy — A mother nurtures her son’s literacy in English by using his Italian schoolwork as reference point. Sent by Maria @ Fab Mums.

9) Two Siblings, Two Languages — An interesting look at a topic that has always interested me: what happens when you’re raising bilingual siblings. Sent by Sophie @ Hao Mama.

10) How Hard Can it Be? — An honest look at the difficulties of raising a bilingual child when everything’s working against you. Sent by Steffi @ Mummy Do That!

11) Learning to Espick Espanish – Funny, funny, funny story about the joys of bilingualism. Sent by Carrie @ Bilingual in the Boonies.

12) On Being a Non-Native Speaker – Another honest look at the difficulties of raising bilingual children but from the point of view of a mom using her second language. Sent by Sarah @ Bringing up Baby Bilingual.

13) Missing Out on Finesse – Is the speech development of children being raised bilingual affected when their parents don’t use their native tongue to talk to each other? Sent by Jan @ Babel Kid.

14) Prenatal Bilingualism – A look at a recent study which suggests that bilingual acquisition begins in the womb. Sent by Deanna @ Bilingual Readers.

How’s that for not being alone?

Thanks for joining us! If you’re interested in finding out more about this monthly Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism, you can go here. And don’t forget to check out next month’s carnival which will be hosted by Multi Tongue Kids.

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