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Since we launched SpanglishBabyFinds almost two months ago (wow! Where has time gone?) we’ve introduced you to a bunch of products we love and use–or would use–with our own children. Well, it’s time for something for us, las mamás, don’t you think?

And, since you know how much I love reading, then you shouldn’t be surprised that what I’ll be talking about today is BOOKS!!! I recently received a box with five books Hachette Book Group put together in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which ends this Thursday, by the way. The five books are somehow related to Latino topics and are all written by Hispanic authors. Check them out:

1. Amigoland – Oscar Caseres

2. Damas, Dramas and Ana Ruiz – Belinda Acosta

3. Tell me something true – Leila Cobo

4. Evenings at the Argentine Club – Julia Amante

5. Zumba – Beto Perez

Although my newborn baby boy is only six weeks old (again, where has time gone?), I’ve managed to get through almost two of the books I got from Hachette. The first one I read, Tell me something true, I wanted to get my hands on since the moment I found out about it. A big time fan of the author, Leila Cobo–renowned journalist, Colombian native and current Executive Director of Latin Content & Programming for Billboard (not to mention she is the host of Estudio Billboard, one of my faves on V-me)–since the days when we both worked at The Miami Herald, I was intrigued to read her fiction writing style.

I was not disappointed. Tell me something true, tells a story about hidden family truths that is easy to follow and it was just the kind of book I needed the first couple of weeks after I brought my newborn home from the hospital. I also enjoyed the fact that it delves into some of the intricacies of Latin American societies–such as the infamous: “el que dirán“–that you can only truly understand if you’ve lived through it.

I’m now half-way through Julia Amante’s Evenings at the Argentine Club, another interesting read about what it means to be caught between two cultures, something to which many of us can definitely relate. Can;t wait to read all the other ones!

A Giveaway!!

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winners:

Susan Smoaks – #9
Benita G – #3
Christine W – #6
Tracy Sherman – #2
Tina R – #10

We’re giving away five of the same packages I got with the five books mentioned above to FIVE lucky winners. To enter, just leave us a comment telling us which of the five books you think you’d like to read first and why. (You can get brief summaries of each by clicking on their titles.)

That’s all you have to do to enter this giveaway.  If you want to up your chances at winning, then click here to learn how to get additional entries.

This giveaway ends Thursday, October 15th at midnight EST.

For the part that nobody likes, but we’ve gotta have, check out the Giveaway Rules.

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