Video of the Week: Dos y Dos

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Here it is. A bilingual show for our niños with a live cast that sings, plays, dances and educates in Spanish and English: Dos y Dos. I found out about them over a year ago but had not been able to watch the show. I finally got my hands on a DVD and put it to the test with my daughter. I have to admit that she was not immediately drawn to the DVD cover since it features the fourRead More ...

Your Story: How Dora the Explorer was Born

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Her original name was not Dora and Latina she was not. More than 10 years ago and after working with outside creators to come up with new ideas, Nickelodeon’s Valerie Walsh Valdes and Chris Gifford were given the opportunity of a lifetime: to develop their own show. This is what they thought up: a show about a preschool girl who has a bunch of animal friends and goes exploring every day. Her name was Tess. But the network’s executives hadRead More ...

Las Aventuras de eebee

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httpv:// Last week V-me launched a new parenting series of mini-episodes in Spanish called Las Aventuras de eebee which is hosted by a superstar Latina we all know well-Thalía. Thalía, whom we know mostly as a pop singer and from her successful roles in Mexican telenovelas, became a mamá two years ago and now is sharing screen time with an adorable and colorful baby puppet called eebee-”the baby’s baby”-in entertaining vignettes that help parents of infants aged 6 months andRead More ...

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