Teaching My Daughter About Linguistic Diversity

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I hold the following quote by the linguist, Tove Skutnab-Kangas, dear to my heart and one that is always resonating with me during my day-to-day endeavors to raise a multilingual child. Linguicism includes the “ideologies and structures which are used to legitimate, effectuate, and reproduce unequal division of power and resources (both material and non-material) between groups which are defined on the basis of language.” This includes the languages we choose to teach our children and the ways we chooseRead More ...

The Power of Moms and Bilingual Playgroups!

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Last week we had our very first SpanglishBaby Playgroup in Los Angeles, made possible thanks to Southern California McDonald´s. We had such a blast and it was so gratifying to see our chiquitos playing together and hear them speak and sing in español! We got together in this occasion to talk about the power of moms in creating a literay-rich environment for our kids. We were led by the wonderful Jo from the National Center for Family Literacy (you mightRead More ...

Five Ways to Boost the Minority Language Outside the Home

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One of the biggest challenges we face in our bilingual journey is being consistent and finding ways to nurture the minority language outside the home. No matter which method your family chooses to use–OPOL (One Parent, One Language) or mL@H (Minority Language at Home)–it’s important to have resources and strategies to immerse your child in the second language in fun and playful ways. ...

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